from personal experience and the power of music

Humanity in Music was founded by Jasmin Uglow, a musician/caregiver who suffered the loss of her father due to Dementia.  After his passing, her musical aspirations were transposed and she gained a renewed meaning for life and her music.  Through her challenges as a full-time caregiver, she recognized the value, capacity, and extraordinary effects of music on patients and caregivers.  Music was used as a soothing tool for her father, and a way to jog his memory at times.  Music was also employed as a therapeutic outlet for Jasmin to express her story and her emotions creatively.  She voiced that the Alzheimer Society of Toronto was her main support factor during her time caring for her father, including during her emotional and physical recovery from the experience.  It was their generous support that inspired her to become an advocate for the Alzheimer Society.

At the end of her ordeal, Jasmin's experience was summarized in an album that she had written during that time, and although the album was induced by grief, its provocative delivery of artistry and hope inspired her and others to want to do more.  Giving back to the Alzheimer Society as a musician in her own way, was intrinsic to her moving forward personally, and as a musician, it also laid the groundwork for Humanity in Music. 

Fortunately, the efforts of Humanity in Music are no longer a one-woman inspiration, it's a movement that incorporates a committee of compatible individuals, musicians, and companies with the same values.  We strive to use the power of music to support charitable organizations, like the Alzheimer's Society, that are proactive and effective in making a difference in society. 

Our Committee members are pleased to include as many individuals that share the same goal, of making music make a difference.  So if you'd like to support our cause you can...

*Join our mailing list to be included

* Buy tickets to our events or participate

* Share the message of Humanity in Music

 * Donate directly to the Alzheimer Society in your province or your choice of charity

 *Remember that your support benefits so many people




Now that you know how things got started and why the Alzheimer Society was chosen as our beneficiary for Project 2021, we'll give you an insight into how the Alzheimer Society is collaborating with Humanity in Music. 

Here's an exert from the Alzheimer's Society of Canada's website "Our mission is to alleviate the personal and social consequences of Alzheimer’s and related diseases and to promote the search for causes, treatments, and a cure." "We work together and with partners to fulfill our mission and achieve our goals, to ensure Canadians receive personal and responsive services throughout their dementia journey." 

We can tell you by experience that the Alzheimer Society is true to its mission, and we appreciate their involvement. They have offered to assist us in:   

        Creating the event logo, program, poster, and sponsorship one-pager.

        Provide a letter of support to the event organizer.

        Promote the event through social media, the ‘Our Connections Matter’ newsletter, the online event calendar, and in Public Education Coordinator’s presentations.

        Host the donation page for Ontario societies participating in the event and distribute funds accordingly once the event has concluded.

        Promote the event through social media, email, and ‘Our Connections Matter’ newsletter.

        Promote the event to local societies.

        Allow the use of the general Alzheimer Society word-mark to promote the event, with their approval, and disbursing donated funds after the event.

It's organizations like these that genuinely support society's well-being and help to make the work we do much more restorative, inclusive, and successful. 

We'd like to especially thank Holly Groeneveld from the Alzheimer Society of Toronto for all of her hard work and creative efforts! 


Learn more about the Alzheimer Society.