Humanity in Music Supports Spadina Fort York Community Care Food Bank.

Spadina Fort York Community Care was founded by Shauna Harris in 2020 as a direct response to the overwhelming rise in homelessness, seniors' hunger and food insecurity. They serve over 5000 people per week through their direct outreach to those experiencing homelessness, as well as through our grocery deliveries to housebound seniors and individuals, and their multiple food bank locations. They passionately and actively fight to end hunger and homelessness, food insecurity and poverty in Toronto, and across the province.
The food bank functions between 4 pm and 7 pm on Saturdays, and is located at St. Lawrence Market Sount, in the big white tent behind St. Lawrence Market. If you or anyone you know is interested in volunteering at Spadina Fort York Community Care Food Bank or any other of our programs please email HERE. 
We are very grateful for all of the support that we get from donors and volunteers. We are pleased to serve our community and extensions through the goods and services we provide. 

Shauna is a recipient of Daily Bread’s Profound Community Impact Award 2023 and was named one of the 40 change makers of 2023 by Foodism magazine. 


Sundays - Direct outreach and grocery kit deliveries to those experiencing homelessness.
Sundays - Grocery deliveries to housebound seniors and individuals.
Fridays - Alex Park Coop location - at capacity. 
Saturdays - Spadina Fort York Community Care Food Bank. 
Saturdays - Grocery deliveries to housebound individuals.
Ongoing- outreach to refugees and newcomers in Toronto.
A new food bank location coming in January. The date, time and Location to be announced. 
A new mobile outreach coming in January. The date time and location to be announced.