Based in Toronto, Humanity in Music is a non-profit organization that unites music and people behind charitable and non-profit goals.

We collaborate with musicians and others to promote creative ideas and put on benefit concerts and programs that can support great causes. We're all about community, giving, raising awareness, unity and promoting empathy through music. We started our initiative during the pandemic when live entertainment was unavailable for musicians, and music lovers. As musicians, we were starving for opportunities to respond to a need that was suppressed by COVID-19 conditions.  

Jasmin Uglow, our founder and organizer, was inspired by the Alzheimer's Society of Toronto, an invaluable organization in our community that helped her through her journey as a Primary Caregiver. She started Humanity in Music as a way to reach out and give back during a time that was challenging for all, including fellow Canadians who depend on the services of non-profits and charities, like Jasmin did. “It's more than a fun project when we're putting on events, collecting donations and playing live music as volunteers.  It's evolved into something that we all look forward to participating in, in some way or another.” 

Our history will grow, just like our projects and the people who benefit from our efforts. We are always thinking of ways that we can make new alliances to benefit the recipients of our efforts. We hope to continue to do more and inspire others to be involved.

We're always grateful for any, and all the support we get.

Thank you!