There are countless stories of how music helps people living with Alzheimer's. It's an authenticity that we cannot refuse or emphasize enough.  It's also a memorandum of the power of music that musicians bring into existence. New and aged, the music of today is just as relevant as the music of long ago, because one day, today's music will become established and remembered by future generations.  It is our hope that Canadian talent is cross-country recognized, as well as all the great Canadian charities/non-profits that are always in need of our support. Our method is a creative way of adding two strings to one bow. Canadians in Ontario should know about musicians in Newfoundland, and Labrador, just like Canadians in Québec should know about Yukon musicians and Northwest Territories music culture. Humanity in Music is a movement that unites the music with the cause on a nationwide podium and offers all Canadian musicians the chance to enhance their art.  

Musicians have the power to do more than just create and perform, their music has the power to elevate emotions, stimulate memories, induce motivation, and so much more. Here are a few stories that are real testaments of prevailing virtue and Humanity in Music.